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We have always loved GTOs. And yes, Anna and I owned one back in the day. But we started our current collection about eight years ago with the purchase of a 67 GTO convertible. She wanted a new blue couch, I wanted an old GTO. A deal was struck and since then we have restored 15 GTOs. Some were concourse, some driver, some were done by professional shops, and some with our own crew.

Our crew of teenagers has grown up learning about GTOs and their restoration. Most of the boys are 19 and the girls are 16. Our crew is Christopher, Mike, Braylen, Justin, Kelly, Brad, Jake, Derrick, Dusty, John, Matt, the two Hollys, Ann, Kim, Natalie, and Stacie. Most of them drove their first mile in a GTO. They have driven the cars to GTO nationals, POCI nationals, several proms, dates, drag races, and cruised them all over Wyoming. They have collected a pile of trophies, won showing the cars. The crew has attended GTO events from Charlotte to LA and many places in between. They love the cars and love working on them. Somehow, none of them drink, smoke or take drugs. These kids are excellent students and are a credit to their community. The credit for this fine group should be given to their school and parents. But if in some small way the GTOs helped them along, we think the creators of the GTO would be proud. They certainly have made the hobby richer for me and Anna. We would not have built the collection without them. Needless to say there is a whole new generation of GTO enthusiasts now driving the roads of Wyoming.


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